Agricola, Mississippi
John MacNaughton:  (251) 367-1529                                                                       Shirley MacNaughton:  (601) 947-6608

Bloomers Plant Farm is located in Agricola Mississippi amist a large concentration of wholesale nurseries, plant growers and small farms. Bloomers offers an assortment of vegetable plants and vegetables in the spring and summer. Plants and vegetables are available for purchase starting in March and are available for purchase by calling John at (251) 367-1529 or Shirley at (601) 947-6608.


Now Available

(Quantities vary week to week)

All items listed are at $1.00 per pound

Black Beauty Zucchini

Cabbage, Early Dutch

Crookneck Squash

Cucumber, Straight Eight


Collards, Georgia


Sold as a bunch.

(About an inch in diameter at the tie.


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